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I do not recommend DirecTV for several reasons: it is expensive after the initial 3 month offer, you are bound to a multi year contract, it is difficult to order movies, but the biggest reason is for their unauthorized charging practices. DirecTV added an NFL package to our plan without notice.

It was under the guise of a free trial offer. We didn't know so we didn't even get to enjoy the free offer. The scam is it had an auto renewal attached so DirecTV added the expensive NFL package to our plan without our consent and charged us $32.99 extra every month. Our bill went up to $197 a month!

When I noticed it, I called a rep to cancel the NFL pkg. I didn't ask for a refund for the past charges, I just asked to cancel the extra package from that day forward. He said I couldn't cancel because I was bound by contract and I should have called them within days of the first charge. How could I be bound by contract when I never authorized the extra package in the first place?

I wish I could switch to Dish Network but I can't for another 7 months without paying a hefty cancellation fine. I did an online search and DirecTV has a ton of negative reviews and complaints about unauthorized charges. Now I have to check my DirecTV bill line by line for unauthorized charges every single month in case they try and do this again. A DirecTV call center employee posted on a blog that every customer needs to read ALL of the fine print on their DirecTV contract.

The employee stated it is the customer's own fault since it is perfectly legal to add packages to a customer's bill.

I had Dish Network for over 10 years and they never added anything without our consent. I will switch back to Dish as soon as our DirecTV contract ends in 6 months.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Someone who learned how to read...I can't wait until DTV does something underhanded to you..They have many,many scams and I'm sure they will find one suited just for you. Anonymous..I strongly recommend that you stop the paperless billing and change the numbers they have on file for you.

get a prepaid credit card for their records. by DTV having your bank or credit card #,you are giving DTV the right to debit any amount they wish whenever they wish from your account and once they take the money out,it is almost impossible to get it replaced.


The same thing happened to me. I don't read the junk they send because most of it is advertisements for more *** I don't need.

That's why I signed up for paperless billing. I travel for a living and pay all of my bills online. This is a shady way to do business. They know that many people don't read all of the fine print on every contract they sign and they count on a number of people not even noticing it or actually wanting the package and paying for it anyway, and they don't care if they lose what were once great customers and had nothing but good things to say about their service.

And even though they know it's wrong, their customer service professionals are trained to argue with you and quote the contract, and wait until you get the cancellation department to do anything right about it.

It's underhanded, it's wrong and they know it. The people running that company need to go back and take some business ethics 101.


DirectTV knows exactly what they are doing and it is always a bit shady never fully explaining anything to the customer,hiding important details in very fine print and ect. Never,.Never trust DirectTV on what they do or anything they say. If they have your bank account info or creit card info, I'd strongly recommend you change these without telling them before your contract is up to prevent any suprise charges.


Maybe you´re one of the millions of persons that calls to b*** about everything without even look at the bill, there´s a part on the bill that says ***Important notice: Your NFL ST will autorenew in the next 2 months*** but you think that you´re too smart to read? ajajjajajaja you gotta be kidding me

@Someone who learned how to rea

This isn't a platform for personal attacks. Your post was rude and completely unhelpful.

The OP can obviously read. I find it hard to believe you read all of the fine print in every contract you sign. If so, hats off to you. You're among a relatively small group of people.

The rest of us have enough faith in our fellow man and trust that they're not intentionally trying to screw us somewhere in that fine print. Unfortunately, we learn the hard way sometimes.