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I called DirecTv needing to make a payment. Once I verified the phone number I made the call was attached to the account it asked if I was going to make the #312.00 payment due.

I responded no to the automated system and it said, "thank you for your payment". I said no to speak to a representative regarding my account, payment and changing the plan type. During the 50 minutes I was on the phone I was informed that the default or nonresponse is interpreted as a YES. I asked for a representative and was then shortly disconnected.

After calling back immediately I was informed that they could not issue a credit or refund to my bank account and it would take 10 days for anyone to review the mistake. Once I got this news I asked to be placed into the cancellation department, she was kind but not helpful or willing to provide any resolution to this problem.

My household will no longer be apart of the DirecTv family and recommend that if you too are apart of an automated payment error you post it on the internet as Mitch at DirecTv has informed me that this has reoccurred in her 4 months of employment.

Monetary Loss: $312.

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Your issue is more than 2 years old. Unfortunately, it is still happening.

Were you able to obtain a full refund? My monetary loss is much greater and I am forced to take them to small claims court.

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