Shepherdstown, West Virginia

My fiance and I switched to direct two months ago. We are about to move tomorrow and called to have our service moved.

I see the commercials all the time about free set up when you move. (that geeky guy that saves is friend over $500 by saying direct moves your dish for free.) Well aparently it doesnt apply to all customers. They said because we moved so soon after we got service, we have to pay 200 for them to move the dish. We are very unhappy about this!

Directv needs to treat all their customers the same.

Needless to say, we will be installing the dish ourselves. people and companies earn loyalty, and directv certainly hasnt earned it from us.

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Chaska, Minnesota, United States #597239

If cable & satellite companies spent half as much effort retaining customers as they do recruiting new ones they would fare much better. Cable sucks, and so does Direct TV.

We also got suckered into a contract, but we did so knowing we were moving. We disclosed this before we made the agreement, and were reassured they allowed us one free move in a 12 month period. We called to schedule our move, and were told it would cost $500!!! They said they only waived it fter 12 months of service.

After sharing their miscommunication, they "generously" offered to reduce the fee to $200. When we refused to pay that due to the fact that it was their miscommunication, the CS agent said, "It's only $200. What's the big deal?" Uh, then maybe SHE should pay it!!!

I'll be bailing on Direct TV as soon as my agreement ends. Bunch of *** artists and liars.


You said people and companies earn loyalty...well as a 2 month customer you have not earned a loyal status with the company. Also everyone complains about being treated the same...long time customers complain because they cannot get the free deals new customers get and new customers complain they cannot get the deals long time customers get.

Imagine if everyone paid to get equipment when they first started...your hddvr would be 199.00 a piece the genie 299.00 clients 99.00 and hd receivers 99.00 ...imagine the cost you would pay just to get your equipment. So a long time customer without upgrade offers pays full price for equipment you got for free.

The only advantage they have is a free move and once a year at that. So ask yourself you want to pay full price for all your stuff just so you can have the priviledge to move equipment for free

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