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I sign up with DirectTV in August and have learned a valuable lesson. First I signed up for a $35.00 package, but I had to call in to make the discount perminent, which I did. The they gave me a movie package which I told them at the time I did not want or need, but I had to take, but I then had to call to cancel it. All I wanted the service to have was Fox News so I could watch Bill O'Rielly.

The package that I was told had Fox News did not. The 35.00 charge, and I did make the call, was raised to 60.00 The movie channel which was not wanted, ordered or even watched I could never get thru to get it canceled.

What proved to be interesting is that the retailer in my presence always used a backline to get thru to DirecTV, a retailer only line.

The $35 bill turned to $100 a month. One of the things I now accept as fact is that that DirecTV does not have enough staff and this is done intentionally, it creates a hurdle for consumers to deny them access to the means of registering for a discount or removing a free service before it becomes a pay service.

DirecTV directly benefits from this scheme. In my case I actually got thru to DirecTV on the discount on the service, did it do any good, no my efforts were ignored. And I was charged more anyway.

So time goes on and I do not pay the bogus $200 charges and they cut service. I feel that the bogus charges breached the agreement I signed.

Then DirecTV calls and demand payment. and I agreed to pay what was owned but wanted to know why the charges were over the contracted rate. I was told that I had no choice I had to pay what they were demanding for them to even address the errors. At a time when I called back on a line published I had to pay the charges before I could speak to an operator.

The retailer then sent me a letter which I viewed as a threat, that unless I paid the $200 in bogus charges I would be liable for $480 more in charges. This letter I felt was threatening. In most of the vontacts I have had with both the retailer and DirecTV, the employees pretend not to understand the complaint or the stituation. I beleive this letter represented extortion.

The retailer was Big Dog Satellite TV. To give you an idea of what kind of slobs they are, when they hooked up the Dish it had to be on a non attached garage, so what do you think they did, string the cable, or bury the cable. The did neither the simple ran it on the ground and the installer told me I would have to bury it. I tryed to find a deposit of honesty in either companies, while one employee did drive out to photogragh the cable on the and was very nice, I felt I might have well have been talking to a wall.

I filed a complaint about both companies with the Attorney General's Office. I will not pay a bill I do not owe; I thinkthe behavior of the DirecTV and Big Dog has been bizarre.

My email is Dennisahill@aol.com and if you would care to email feel free to, if you want to tell me what you have experienced you can so that I can demostrate the behavior of DirecTV and or Big Dog to the Attorney General in this state and pass it on to others states.

I can really say I tried to work with these two firms, it was in vain and I percieve it as hopeless these guys do not care, the sign they do not care is in my back yard on the ground. It is the cable thrown on the ground that shows how these guys operate.

Thank you.

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check your bank account! and if DirectTV has not taken money from your account,talk to your bank and change account #'s so DTV cannot get to your money.If they have a credit card on file for you change the # or close the account before they place a huge charge.

if you paid a deposit,you will probably not get this back. DirectTv runs a scam in offering low prices then almost no one qualifies for the lower prices and they know this.