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Although I have NEVER been a customer of Direct tv someone (possibly one of my neighbors) found my lost wallet with my daughter's disability debit card in it and began making monthly payments using this card without my consent. Unfortunately for me and my busy work schedule at the time I did not realize that this was occurring. Months had passed by and I moved to another address still unaware of the fraudulent act. Unbenounced to me the same person must have discontinued their services probably afraid that 8 had caught on and left an outstanding balance on this account. Well Direct tv decides that since "my daughters card had been previously used on the account " that they would garnish the entire disability check all at once. Imagine my surprise when I went to withdraw funds from this account only to be told that the balance was zero. It was then that I contacted my bank who 8 formed me that this was one 9f many drafts paid to direct tv over the past year. As a result I contacted Direct tv and informed them of this fraudulent act against my seven year old daughters bank account. They verified that I was never a customer and that my daughter's card was used to pay this account. We discovered that the total amount due back to me was $1564.00. However, Direct tv denied the claim saying that my previous address was where the services were provided even though I never had Direct tv and was willing to provide them with Mt contract with AT &T who was my cable provider the entire time. I also informed that that the complex where I lived apparently was once a single family home that had now been turned into a duplex. At one point the asked for my bank statements as if they were going to reimburse me the funds but they still keep denying my request with the same reasoning that my address (which just happens to be the address when the duplex was a single family home) was on the account where services were provided. Mind you, my neighbor at the time was a Direct tv customer and her address was two numbers off from mine. I really need help as I have been fighting this case for months and it's getting me nowhere. After two months of calling and calling and submitting the email on y he complaint website I have not received my disabled daughters monies.

I need this company to send out an agent to the physical address so that they can see for themselves that this is no longer a single family home but in fact a duplex with two seperates addresses.

Please please have someone contact me to investigate this matter further.

My name is Ms. Tania Byrd-Ford

My number is 786-803-2076

My email is or

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Website.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Contact your state Attorney General and they will go after them!!!


First off you need to request the name of the judge that ordered the garnishment on your daughters disability over a cable bill. He or she could be disbarred.

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