I signed up for Whole-Home DVR service with Directv online. They advertised that I could watch shows recorded on the DVR in any room in the house.

I paid an extra $107 to get a second DVR as well. I then selected a standard box for my son's room. The installer comes out and installed everything without a problem. That is until I asked him to show me how my son could watch the shows recorded on the DVR's in his room.

He tells me that he cannot watch them because only HD boxes support Whole-Home DVR service. This was a WTF moment for me. Why would I order Whole-Home DVR service and not want to use it in my whole home? Why did it let me select a box that was not compatible when I signed up online?

He said that I could just call customer service and they would get me the right box. I signed the paperwork and off he went. I called customer service right after he left. They tell me that they can send me a box no problem.

I just need to pay them another $168. Every argument I tried would not get him to budge on the price. He suggested I buy one online or at Best Buy because they would only be $99. What a bunch of ***.

This is false advertising. They do this because a customer with 5 rooms would have to pay $99 for each room after the first one(you get a 2nd box free if it is not a DVR). No one would sign up for a service that would cost $396+tax up front. And the installer is in on it as well because he got me to sign the paperwork by saying that it was easily fixed.

They get you locked into the contract and get out the door so that you can't easily call off the installation. Someone should sue these guys.

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LOL! that was a big oops on your side. You can't use whole-room with regular receivers.

to Darcy Los Angeles, California, United States #548805

How is it a oops on his side. He ordered whole home DVR.

For someone who doesnt understand completely, it could be very difficult. They told me so many lies when I signed up. They did not know their a$$ from their elbow. They came out with 4 boxes, and only installed 3, but told me I had to take the 4th one back myself and would have to pay for it the first month.

Only $6 bucks, but why should I. I specifically asked if I could pause tv in the receiver rooms. Oh yes she says. Oh NO is the truth.


Price is good at least. As is picture quality!


:grin :grin :grin

Why did you buy 2 DVRs? All you needed to buy was 1 DVR for you main viewing room and then 2 HD boxes for your other rooms.

I already know the answer to this, "because it said free beside the standard box.

You people need to read the install that is on the direct tv website. I did before switching and have yet to have any problems like you all claim to have.

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