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I signed up for Direct last October 27th 2015 with the promotional (W8) mailing brochure I received in the mail for $200 pre paid card. I gave this to the retail store David Benjamin in Cookeville, TN 38501 when they came out to install. I have followed up 5 times with the store and they have emailed their rep asking for help to get this resolved for me. I called again last week and Christy at the store told me to call Direct because she...
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I liked
  • When it works its good
I didn't like
  • Deceptive sales practices
Me and my daughter will suffer for one more year and I am switching to dish!! More channels and less money. I mean why wouldn't I switch? They don't take to heart there are people out there like myself that can only afford the next to lowest package and 75% is full of men and music lovers. If I want to hear music I would listen on my phone or in my car and I have no interest in sports. Good luck single moms!! If your thinking of directv then...
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My DVR crashed and Directv gave me a new Genie DVR. They told me there would be no extra charge, but I ended up having the non requested Whole Home DVR service, which is charged at $3 per month. I can't get Directv to remove the charge for a non requested service. I had Directv for 15 years, it used to be good. Now there are frequent failures and a lot of charges. I am looking into other providers, or just drop the service. I cut in the...
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I didn't like
  • All sort of charges

Directv Whole-home Dvr Tv Service Review

Pis poor! When it rains it's gone. I want my att universe tv back
Switched from Dish Network to DirecTV about a year ago. Direct TV started doing the same thing Dish Network did in that they raise the prices for everything. Went to sign up with another company and Direct TV told me I was on a contract that I never agreed to. Said I was on a new contract because I added new equipment which was garbage. The old equipment broke and they couldn't replace it because they didn't carry that equipment any more and...
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Anonymous My rate for the 3 receivers I have went up $.50/mo each. When I called them, The first person (Shawn) told me the FCC raised the rates. When I questioned him again about this,...