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I called Directtv to get an equipment refund on the 3rd of Jan and was told it would be done in 8 business days called again on 10th of Jan and was told it was not put in the system so 8 days started again. called on Jan 20 was told the refund was put in the system wrong another 8 day wait.

Called on 25th of Jan and was told it would be another 3 to 5 days.

I am getting the run a round by Directv. I just want my refund of $374.50 I have spoken to 2 supervisors and I cannot get any satisfaction.

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File an online complaint with the BBB,Attorney General, and FTC.there is no guarantee they will help you but your complaint needs to be filed.Also if you have a local "troubleshooter" with a local TV station or newspaper,get in touch with them they may be able to help you and you can google Directtv/complaints and read what others have to say and pick up some pointers this way. Good Luck..

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