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After fighting with them for the past four months about this bill, I am now sending this final correspondence with DirecTV out to anyone I can find to send it out to. My next step is an Elder Law Attorney. So here it is...

On 11/29/2007, my 84 year old father, ordered DirecTV, and cancelled on 12/05/2008. My father returned to his previous cable service on 12/05. (DirecTV says that they kept the account active until the billing cycle was up on 12/29 because my father hung up before giving them a cancellation date.) The reason they ordered in the first place was to save money, plus the benefit of the better picture. The reason for the cancellation of DirecTV was that, after years of having cable TV, he nor his wife were able to understand (or remember) that you have to use the remote that goes with the satellite box. They were also unable to find their programs with the changes in channels from cable to satellite.

My brother and I went to their home on numerous occasions during their DirecTV time to explain it to them and we wrote down their favorite channels for the programs they watch most, since those channels had also changed with DirecTV. The day that we went, they were fine and totally understood, but the next morning, it was lost and we would have to go and do it again. This is the reason that when he cancelled and they asked him if he would like a technician to go to the home to explain it to them, he declined because explaining it did no good. During their days with DirecTV, they did not have anything since they were unable to operate it.

The cancellation fee of $3??.00 was debited to their Discover Card and now these retired people, living on Social Security (and not a very generous one) are having to pay payments to their Discover Card to pay off this early cancellation fee along with paying for their cable service.

I have talked to DirecTV on several occasions and was given hope that the money would be refunded to the Discover Card, but today was told that it was not going to happen due to the fact that my father declined having a technician come out and explain the process to him. As I stated before, explaining did no good.

I realize that your company probably can "legally" get out of paying this money back the my father, but how can you "morally" do it?? No matter how big a company gets, SOMEBODY there, with some clout, must feel some obligation to my father and other people like this. This was not their fault, though I realize it was also not yours. Why must it always be that the little guy always must pay???

Please make this right...My father can truly not afford to pay this bill.

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Though I can empathize with your situation, you are essentially wasting your time. Legally speaking (I am a lawyer), all that matters it the agreement that was signed (either in person or electronically in good faith) between your father and DirecTV.

This is a legally binding document and the termination fees would have been clearly stated in it. Cable companies, internet providers, and cell phone carriers are very clear to point out cancellation fees since it is often the most disputed type of charge.

If this would be brought up in a small claims or lawsuit situation, the case would be quickly dismissed in favor of the defendant, DirecTV. Sorry, but you are SOL.


Don't hang up on them without getting a date then or learn how to use the remote, jeez. Either way it's their own fault, so what are you complaining for?