Gillette, Wyoming

Directv has a policy of not removing satellite dishes from the premises. The installer was updating equipment in my home and decided to change to a newer dish, not requested by me and didn't ask first, either.

Then this big piece of trash is left on the ground for me to dispose of. I then found out that even if the consumer changes providers, Directv refuses to remove the dish. At apartment houses, many owners are refusing to provide Directv service because all the old dishes remain on the premises. this is an incredibly un-consumer oriented policy, and I want to see it stopped, company-wide.

I am also reporting to the state consumer organization. I had to pay to have this hauled to the dump- unacceptable!

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Find a phone book and have the guy that collects scrap metal take it away.You should not have to pay because you already know they collect per pound on metal.


I sure agree with all this. They dont even come back to clean up their own mess once the wires from the dish go all over the roof after a storm because of their shoddy work.

This practice should be outlawed immediately.


Direct TV just hung up on me after informing me they will not come remove TWO dishes from the side of my house. This is the most unprofessional company and I wish to God they could be stopped.

Their damage to the environment on a daily basis is unacceptable. If anyone can do something about this or has any suggestions, that would be appreciated.


I still have a horrible dish on my roof from 2 years ago that I had service.I agree it is an eyesore but If I remove it I am afraid there will be *** left im my roof. I am furious too let me know what consumer org.says.