Suffolk, Virginia
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On Nov 18, 2011, I had DirecTv out because of a move and they scammed me. When I scheduled the move, the rep said I qualified for a FREE HD/DVR because I was such a loyal customer.....that should have been my 1st sign!

I scheduled the installer to be at my new house from 12-4pm....showed up at 8am (clue #2). The installer was pleasant enough about it and resecheduled it for the correct time. When I asked why he was there at 8am instead of noon, he said that's the time they gave him and they probally told me 12-4pm but had overbooked him....should have been clue #3. I asked him if I was still eligble for the free HD/DVR, he called in, spoke to a rep that said yes AND when asked, she said NO CONTRACT EXTENSION.

While moving my stuff,-literaly moving boxes & furniture in my house, the installer comes to me and says I'm done and just need you to sign verifying all of your recievers work. I put down the box he sees me carrying, walk the rooms with him and sign the paper that all receivers work. Well, "signing that all receivers work, extended my contract by 2 years" according to Hazel and Dalia @ DirecTv. NOT ONE PERSON TOLD ME THIS......"it was in the 'fine print' according to the reps that I spoke to.

They are the worst! The supervisor I spoke tried to speak to, (all were busy on the phones with customers-probably pissed customers that have been scammed by them) Thadius Fuentez, said when I get the final bill, it will show the $480 early cancellation fee and that I should dispute it with Corporate. Is that who they are?? Wasn't I calling corporate???

I'm in customer service and my staff knows they do NOT pass a guest/customer off to me if there is a problem-they take care of the issue right then! What happened to CUSTOMER SERVICE?? As I told Dalia, I hope they are ready for the backlash of this!

Not only will they stop getting my money, but my hotel AND the other's in my management company will also stop using them. Maybe hitting them in their pocket the way they do their customers will help them understand customer service!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

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I hate to say it, but it doesnt matter if you quit with their services and if everyone in your town does. They have lots of customers and are signing up new ones all the time.

I would never have directv (and i work for them, could get it for free). Us lowly phone techs do not know everything the company tells the customer. We tell you what we are prompted to say. I never argue with someone when they want to disconnect services because I would suggest that they do disconnect and go somewhere else.

I just get tired of customers calling and yelling at me when there is nothing i can do. I apologize tell them what I know and try to get my paycheck. I know in my center if i do not tell you every disclosure i have and every bit of knowledge on my screen i can be fired. The sad part is that we dont have all the same information.

Most techs (even on the phone) are contracted by dtv and really dont knwo what you were promised or told by an actual dtv person. (thus why i do not have dtv, if i cant have the same information as the actual directv direct employees i dont want the service)