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directv SUCKS...take it from me or anyone who's a sales rep. You learn the way this *** company works...worse, if you sell directv, and a customer you sold to calls the 1800 number--those thieving *** sales reps--mostly idiots from the philippines or just degenerates literally lie to the customer, and STEAL the sale from you!!

that's right...the *** directv idiotic sales reps STEAL sales from other sales reps...its pathetic and disgusting practice but this is what these idiots I just spent 1-2 hours selling directv, signing someone up, then they call these frauds piece of *** idiots working in the call centers, who just lie to the customer, and then take the sale away from you...its horrible...the sales reps that work for directv are ALL idiots and LIARS or just REALLY rude or all of the above...most of them dont know what they're talking about-- they lie lie and LIE and everyone has a different story about things...some are ok but most of them suck...the sales reps are really horrible..

also, the installers many fo them are just AWFUL people...ive never heard of a company where the installers were liars, shady, jerks etc...installers also lose the sales for some of us by lying to the bosses knew some installers to do private work...I asked the installer if he could do an install for a customer--TWICE this *** lied to me..set up a date then backed out without telling me. The reason this POS *** *** did this was because...he claims its "busy" season and its the installers time right now...they're making all the money so they dont NEED to do these jobs...he bragged about how my co-workers were "HIS" customers...and how he did work for them....then he told me he'd do the job for me yet lied to me and lost me several customers for no reason...these maggots think they are so important and worse they treat sales reps and customers like ***...some are some of the worst people you'll meet...another customer of mine had to sign up three times before a sane installer came out to do the job-- the other ones lied, were drunk, cancelled his order several times...ive never heard of a company where the *** installers are *** and can't even do their job right...a lot of installers too will purposely just cancel a sale or refuse to do the job because they either dont have the equipment, are too lazy to get it, or just don't care...they will lie to customers and cancel their order out--wtf??

this is the WORST company....and there is NOTHING anyone can do..directv doesn't care what the installer does and nothing is done about it--in fact they give these jerks the authority to do what they want with someones account after an install and many installers are just terrible people...

also, directv, screws with people's bills...increases it right away..and then it goes up eventually...people are lied to about pricing because directv's prices rarely stay the same...the only way you can get these idiots to do anything is by threatening to cancel--then you'll get all sorts of promotions and promises...but beware because you may not even get those.. its just another *** sales rep trying to resign you up or reactivate an they can get the credit...a lot of them lie with false promotions that people won't get...oh and dont ever cancel early...they will take the remainder of the account or the early cancellation fee out of a customers bank account..without informing them of they just steal money from people and its considered ok to do...also, if you upgrade any equipment...those *** just put people back in contracts--again not sure why...without telling them ...everything directv does is SHADY and to screw people over basically...everything is complicated and people dont know, are confused...and are put back in contracts without knowing, money is taken from their accounts...if they fail to do the 'rebate' prior to installing, then their bill is really expensive and they arent always told to do the rebates...directv is a huge corporation and its main goal is not customer satisfaction...its to find every avenue to screw over customers as much as possible...

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

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Not my experience whatsoever. But then again, I don't talk like you do -- nor does anyone I work with. I wonder where the issue really lies...


I think its just you. I made. TOn of money with Direct


great im new here and just trynna get a eye opener


Generally I think the overall answer is to just ask questions until u r satisfied. I have been in sales for many years and that's all u have to do is ASK!


No real specifics here, just '...they're shady, they're idiots, they're liars.' Sound like a disgruntled employee who might or might not have a legit axe to grind. Please be more specific.


for the note...DONT ever give your debit card to those thieves..they will take the money right from you...if you give a card, then switch it out with a reloadable card, which youre not supposed to be able to do but customers have said they've done it. That way they can't take money from you- also cancel the first card you gave otherwise you might end up being screwed