Received several 'Please Come Back' letters from DirecTV when we switched to Dish. We decided to return with the promise of a $200 credit to help cover the cancellation fee from Dish. When I called and gave the salesperson the code on the letter she said she didn't need it. I told her I wanted to get the $200 credit to cover my cancellation fee with Dish. She proceeded to set up my account and told me once the service was installed I could get my credit.

When service was installed, I tried to get the credit. I was passed from department to department and put on hold for long periods of time. All in all I spent about 3 hours on the phone and was finally told I was not eligible because the sales person set me up as a new customer instead of a returning customer and I could not get the $200. SCAM!!!!

To add insult to injury, the installer did a horrible job installing the system leaving wires hanging off the side of my house. He also took the dish switch that I am supposed to return to Dish which I will be charged for by Dish...so now I have to get this taken care of. When I called DirecTV I was told there was no way they could tell me who did my install and that I should call the police to report the switch missing. SERIOUSLY??? Unbelievable. I'm ready to go back to Dish just because the customer service is SO HORRIBLE at DIRECTV! Buyer BEWARE!!!

Review about: Directv Customer Care.

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