The sales person, quoted me price for internet and tv service bundle, I was given a quote, come to find out when they came to set up tv, they didn't have a order for the internet, let alone it wasn't provided by direct tv but a totally different company. Had to spend hours on the phone being transferred alll over before someone was able to offer to pull the call to have it reviewed and was told in 24 hours I would have a response.

I ended up having to call them,but they were honest and said it had been sold incorrectly. I had asked for both and he only quoted me the tv, and I could call in 24 hours and cancel my service without any charges. I asked if they could just get it set up, then I was sent to bundle desk to set up internet with Frontier my local carrier. So I was given order #, contact # confirmation #, called Frontier since no one had called to find out that they didn't have me in their system and they don't bundle with anyone.

He wanted to transfer me to their sales dept to set up an account. I then called Direct tv back and got every excuse in the book and assured it was all being taken care of. All along I'm paying my previous carrier until I can be sure I'm going to have service at all since I need it for work.. Then called direct tv back, I was told they should have my account it may take a bit longer to show up in their system.

I can't tell you how many times and people I had to explain all this to. I finally asked just to cancel my order, and was told I was going to be penalized for breaking my contract if now was past 24 hours from when i ordered it not when they figured out what was wrong. Finally I was able to get through to Frontier and wasn't able to get internet for another 2 wks. What a joke, in mean time 1 of the many people at Direct tv put through my request to cancel my service.

so now I had to start all over. finally 3 wks later I had both internet and tv service. Only to get my next bill for $100 for just the tv only.They charged me for the 3 month movie channels I was to have been getting free. of course it was my fault since I had asked to cancel my account.

so she put through the credit and was charge $6 less than I was quoted, Ok finally. LOL next bill came again for $100 so I called again and was told they were having hard time putting through credit since it had been cancelled once and not set up again with the discount. Next I get a bill for 99 cents!! really??

I paid it not wanting to spend another 2 hours on hold or on the phone. to come home today to another $98 bill and spent 20 minutes trying to explain how pissed I was and being told she was truly sorry and trying to help explain what happen. I requested a sup - he again just tried to explain - by saying that their person I talked to put through the discount for month I missed and the next one because they were having troubles with their bill system and didn't know it.

So all in all I asked just to let me out of my contract free of charge and he basically laughed and said he explained what had happened he was sorry and was trying to help me. So I tried to take him back through all of the above to be told he couldn't release me from my contract with out charge, My question was "When did you ever start upholding your end of the contract to begin with?" I just want the hassel every month to be over shake hands and go our separate ways please!!

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