I'm disaappointed that Directv does not offer the FIT channel anymore. I loved doing excercises watching Gilad throughout the day with Gilad.

If I missed the early classes then I would do the later classes. The only reason I continued to use Directv over Comcast was because of the FIT channel. When there is bad weather at many times can not get reception, but I tolerated only because I liked the FIT channel Besides Gilad's classes there were other classes I would do. Sharon Mann's classes were taken also.

I used to do the shimmy classes sometimes. Overall having access to the FIT channel was a way for many individuals to become or stay fit.

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Idk if I'm too late but it's not gone ! They changed it to discovery fit & health it's channel 261 now i think ^_^


I couldn't go to the gym but was like eh its cool, ill just do something on fit tv...to my surprise its gone! That's sooooo annoying. Directv is sucks hard


I cant believe the fit channel is gone! I did different workouts everyday! Now I'm getting fatter by the moment!!!!

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