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Someone at ATT needs to be fired. The guide changes color from grey to black difficult to read and it moves WHY?

LIST has no date you have to go to guide WHY? Smaller print on grey background WHY? The black is constantly moving into the gray. It's nauseous.

To the far left duplication of channel and channel logo WHY? It is a waste of space I need bigger print not confusing duplication of tv channel and the big logo??? The menu button what the f**k.

Who ordered and approved this mess? My eyes hurt and I have to keep shaking my head to see if it will focus.

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Is anyone at DirecTV listening??? The new guide is HORRIBLE!

Impossible to read and it now takes more steps to do everything! You even took away the ability to view upcoming episodes and replaced it with only next airing of what you're already watching. D'uh...not helpful! Who approved this junk?!

Please give us back the old guide.

Now!!! From your DISSATISFIED customers in MA.


The moving timeline in the guide is nothing but distracting and appears as thought it’s a glitch. There is no use for it! You listened to many gripes about the displeasure with the new design; please get rid of the moving timeline!!


They keep changing the free channels. No weather channel for free. Guide is awful


Oops, the program!


Thank you Directv for making the font larger on the guide BUT... the vertical line displaying the time left in the prohibition is SO DISTRACTING!

to Judy #1532571

AMEN! What is the point of that thing?!


Agree with all these comments. The changes are nothing but annoying and frustrating.

Nothing positive or more helpful or geared towards ease of use.

If a company is going to make changes it should be to improve upon what was already in place or to fix something that was broken. Major fail!!!!


Instead of upgrade they should have called it a downgrade! Hate it - Looking to change carriers.

Why oh why change something that wasn't broken? Waste of money.

With the monthly cost the customer should have the choice of programing. Also agree about the big blue box and no original date.


Smaller letters are horrible. Unable to tell which channels I have currently in my package. Bad design!


I hate the changes to the guide. The colors are not good.

You can't tell the gray from the black and the print is too small.

This was not setup for people with poor vision. Go back to the old setup or enlarge the print and brighten the colors.


What the whatI have chronic migraines and the new guide triggers them. This is no joke, I will have to cancel my service because of this.

AT&T, Did you create the changes while blind folded? In a dark room perhaps?


I hate the new guide!! What were they thinking??

Someone needs fired. I will be looking into a new service


Smaller font is very hard to read now. We are older and prefer the old style.

Remember we are the ones still buying satellite TV.

the younger eyes are watch their phones. I cant image what this looks like on a 36" we have a 60"


Totally pathetic!!!Seems I have to be in the TV to READ the guide due to font so tiny. Can't maneuver or search as easily.

Disgrace. Ready to cancel services!!!!!


And I see they also dropped the "Aired Date" from recordings of live shows like SNL. Pretty tuff to know if it's a recent recording or an old one.


Has anyone seen that you can no longer fast forward commercials in recorded shows but you can fast forward the show. We pay for a service and then get screwed


It would be nice it they atleast would allow us to choose the background color, font type &size and even be able to make more or less Opaque. The new guide is very hard to read for me.


The news setup is horrible. I can’t read the new font size, the info banner covered most of the screen and not sure why they made the change.

What a terriable decision on their part. I am so pissed.


Totally agree! Hate the new look, specially that huge annoying blue box in the middle of my recorded list


What are they thinking!!!!!!!!!!AT&T —- you are a dream for your competition!!! Heads should roll!!Have you ever heard of user focus groups!!!!!!You get rid of this crap or I will cancel in 3 days!

I pay a fortune for this insanity!!!! Idiots!!

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