Aurora, Illinois

They were supposed to charge our checking account 155.47 on January 20. I spoke with a person at Directv and gave them our info. Apparently the payment came back returned due to account closed. The ***-*** used our old checking account that I used to pay from.

So, yesterday they basically disconnected our services. After talking to one customer rep and being told that we had to pay the 155.47 plus a 40 reconnection fee. I was refusing to pay that 40 because it was their error. She insisted that was the only way and that she couldn't look up what account was used, just assumed I gave them an account number and blocked their payment (stopped payment), which I did not.

So, I asked to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor was able to see the account number that was used. It was our old one I used to pay from, which we closed. She claimed I paid on line, which I did not. I sat on the phone for at least 25-minutes that day. She kept saying, ma'am...I understand what you are saying, but you paid on line. NO, I spoke to someone and gave them my information, I did not pay online. Ma'am, I understand you say you spoke with someone, but you made the payment on our website. Seriously, no I did not. She was very rude, wouldn't listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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It seems that if you had paid online they would have the correct account # you paid from because you could not have paid from a closed account online. They know it was their mistake but getting them to admit a mistake is another thing.


You have to be months behind to have that level of cutoff...or repeatedly having your services cut off...they do not disconnect your account for a month or 2 late...or for a week late you must never psy your bill in full let alone on timr


Of course it is unfair they charge you for your error someone must of hacked your account to make the payment enjoy the $40,charge and DRV will take any money owed from the checking account you provided