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I also had been with Direct TV for 5 years when I had problems getting service. I called Direct TV thinking it was their programing but then my Tivo box died while on the phone to customer service.

They said they would ship me a new one. I was so disappointed with their receiver when I got it that I shipped it back and canceled within a week. I was sent an early cancellation fee of $460.00. I was never told I would be under a two year contract either in writing or by their customer service person.

If I would have been told about the two year contract I would have went out and purchased my own Tivo box again. I have complained by phone, by writing and by speaking to resolution dispute managers. And they all sound like a recording. "I'm sorry but you will have to pay the early cancellation fees." Well I'm sorry but don't hold your breath because you not going to see ANY money from me.

I'm now writing a letter to Corporate Office.


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