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Update by user Dec 05, 2016

Just called to Directtv.I still have no service and it stopped snowing yesterday around 6pm.

All I see is "771-signal loss on satellite in 1". After being on hold for 30 mins, to ask what my fine would be if I cancelled due to lack of quality service, I was re-routed to contracts.

After more waiting I had a gentleman explain that i would have to pay $350 plus my final bill. So basically I have to come up with $500 or "willfully" stay with direct tv with the knowledge that unless the atmosphere is shining rainbows and bubbles and no "solar flare ups" to interfere with satellite transmissions, there's a good chance of poor service (pixelization, stuttering audio) or no service at all, even on clear days on earth.

Seriously, with this country based on capitalism, you would think another digital cable company would fill the void of all the unhappy direct tv customers and offer to pay the fines if unhappy with direct tv and wanted to switch to them.Don't get me wrong, I was with a cable company, so I know they are not without their issues, yet i never had issues with reception based on weather or solar, cosmic interventions

Original review posted by user Dec 04, 2016

Signed up during the summer 2016. Asked if I had a 4k television, which I do.

Told that the Entertainment package included 4k channels. I explained I was leery of bad weather being an issue but told by sales rep that Direct TV was newer technology (BW3s sports bar used as an example of service that did not disrupt during bad weather) than old dish and doesn't have outages once dish is lined up properly. Signed up based on the 4k technology and assurance that weather did not normally effect service. Upon arrival, techs installed, but no 4k channels.

Told I should call customer support. Called support who stated that entertainment package did include 4k and that I needed to call tech support. Explained I was on the phone for over 45mins and she came back and apologized and stated that she was wrong and that the Entertainment package did not include 4K channels. I would have to upgrade to the Ultimate package.

Refused to pay more, even though they sent me a 4k compatible box which is now useless, other than the rent I have to pay them for it. First month was the hint & and a 1/2 for my ***-perfectly sunny days and the can't detect server error would appear. I had tech come out. Told that I would have to pay the monthly $7 or $9 a month to cover callouts or I would have to pay for service calls.

I agreed to pay the insurance. Tech later told everything ok. Called to complain and told that it was possibly solar flare ups and that Direct tv could not predict satellites having issues with cosmic disruptions. Continued loss of reception on clear days.

Now 1st snow, which isn't a blizzard and all channels gone.

Locked in 2 year contract and the beginning of winter...This is when you use your television when trapped in winter months. This is dishonest tactics to get people to sign up then siphon money for 2 years

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Walled Lake, Michigan, United States #1250259

I totally agree. We just locked into 2 yr agreement and live in Michigan.

Our first tiny snow last night and cannot get any channels. What a scam!!

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