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I am writing in reference to account number 75583357. I am disputing the charge of $284.09. Within the past six months I cancelled my account with Direct TV. Days after cancelling the account, a representative from Direct TV contacted me in offered me a $300.00 credit to reinstate my account. Doing the conversation with the representative, I stated that I did not want a contract or commitment in order to receive the credit. The representative agreed. The representative explained to me that there were no conditions/terms associated with the $300.00 credit. This left me to believe that I could cancel the service at any time. After the credit was depleted, I cancel my account. At this time I was informed that I would be charged $284.09 to cancel. I feel this is unfair, deceptive, and illegal. I was never told by Direct TV that I would be charged a fee or fees if I cancel the account before a set date. If I had known there were terms and conditions associated to the credit, I would have never accepted the credit.

I am requesting all legal documents that prove that I am responsible for the $284.09 that you are requesting. Should this charge be reported to the Credit Bureau resulting in a negative reflection on my credit report, I will seek legal action, to include filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General Office of Georgia, against Direct TV?

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Jerry Allison

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jerryallison@bellsouth.net or jryhummer1@yahoo.com


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read the fine print, by using the service you agree to a 2 year contract. you dont need to sign anything, just use it and you agree to pay for 2 years or have a cancellation fee charged. if they have your cc number or a relatives cc number they will charge it.

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