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I'm tired of loosening TV reception every-time it rains or snows;

Calling and complaining and just like talking to the wall. I have less then six month left on My contract. Can not wait to call and stop service, have My calender marked!!!

Customer service is a joke, I started complaining, the day after I got service, over six times, before they had someone check my system out, and discovered hookup issues.

I'm actually doing this because it's raining and I have no TV reception. Please think twice before getting this service!!!! They can not wait to sell service, they change after purchase

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same problem here,every time it so much as drizzles we loose thier service. if we have a good sized storm it's out for hours after it stops.

calls were made and we got told it's normal the clouds and rain block the signal. calls made for service only get you switched around the world or cut off, one time we did get a appointment made,they gave me a date of 07/27/11 btween 14:00 and 16:00 hours, they never showed up. i called the next day asking why they didn't show up.anwser was we never made a appointment going by our computers,i told them come get thier junk out of my house, right away i was told it will cost you a 22 month early cancelation charge as your only 2 months into your contract.

top it off they state we have XXX number of HD channels, they don't tell you 2/3rds of them are for home shopping networks and are dups on another channel number. like how many people realy care about girdles,sexy legs,perky *** and more.

strong advise is STAY AWAY from both dish network and direct tv,go cable or vios.

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