Randallstown, Maryland

I have a triple bundle package (phone, internet and cable) with Direct TV and Verizon. I sent payments to verizon.

DirectTV sent me a bill too. I called Verizon to clarify why I am receiving bills from Verizon and DirectTV. Verizon could not explain & transferred me to DirectTV. DirectTV transferred me back to Verizon.

This went on about 6 times. I did find out that I was dropped from the plan & no one could explain why, my bill increased instantly by $25 and niether Verizon or DirectTV seemed to care to tried to explain what happened. Verizon blamed DirectTV and DirectTV blamed Verizon.

Save yourself the trouble,do not bother with the triple bundle. Customer Service was awful!!!

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Verizon and Directv are partners in this triple-play scam. They will eventually be sued for damage done to people's credit records/scores....and they will pay.


DO NOIT DEAL WITH VERIZON. I too had the triple bundle with DirectTV, Internet and phone.

My bills were never the same even though we did not change anything, If you have to call Verizon be prepared to spend hours upon hours sometimes even days on the phone, being hung up on or transfered and dropped and you start all over, they will assure that they have taken care of things only to find out on the next bill that nothing was taken care of. I made 2 payments of $180 using their online service one in Nov 2010 and the other in Dec 2010. I had Verizons confirmation numbers for both in emails that I rcvd confirming payments. Verizon could not find one of the payments and told me I had to contact my bank.

I had the bank print out a statment showing both payments....still that is not enough for Verizon. It has been 7 Months of arguments and nothing resolved to date. They told me they do not know where the money went and they cannot track it even with their own confirmation numbers. I have since stopped using and paying anything to Verizon.

What sort of company gives you a confirmation number and I give them a bank statement showing payment made and still they will not apply the money to my account.

*****To top it all off, today we find out that they are telling DirecTV to stop our service because we owe money.....we unbundled service months ago and thought we had that all straightened out....Here we go again, now I may have to find another cable company all due to Verizon's Issues. NEVER USE VERIZON!!!!!!!


Can totally relate to all of this! We had the same situation. After five months of overbilling, run around, countless hours on the phone trying to straighten out this mess, we cancelled. More bills, early termination fees, paid close to $2k during this time and should have paid less than half of that.

Good news, there is something you can do. Do what we did. We contacted our state's attorney general. He said they were gathering information for a class action suit due to so many complaints, though not at that point when I called. He sent me a flyer called 'going solo' and gives information on how you can be your own attorney.

I did what he suggested and filed a suit in our local magistrate's court for the maximum amount, $5k. That got Verizon's attention. Their attorney called me. I did not receive a refund, as I just wanted to be done with it all. The additional $500 they were attempting to extort from me was dropped, my credit cleaned up (yes, they reported me for non-payment when WE OVERPAID!). DirectTV called thinking Verizon's attorney was representing them, which he wasn't. DirectTV dropped their $500 charge (yes, they both together wanted another $1K for five months of service!!) and they hadn't reported me to the credit bureaus yet.

I'm keeping my six inches worth of documentation and all the letters, information they sent 'just in case!'

At their own collections, I spoke with a very nice lady who, with her supervisor, reviewed our records and agreed, we had overpaid though the powers to be would not. It was a nightmare, but it can be done by calling your state's attorney general's office. The attorney there that I spoke with was helpful and I could call him all along the way.

Don't give up and fight them! We work hard for our money and they lie. They are nothing short of extortionists, in my opionion. Good luck! :eek :eek


Oh God where do I begin. Verizon should be sued for consumer fraud!

Not once was I ever charged the correct amount! I was always overcharged, and the customer service is awful. I would end up talking to six people on any given called, and misinformed everytime I called. Oh by the way this misinformation would always result in additional charges to my bill " I am sorry they she/he told you that" seems to be the motto for the every customer service rep.

you talk too, and then you find out when your bill arrives in the mail they lied as well.

I would like nothing more than the Attorney General to sue them for consumer fraud period. Stay away from their triple bundle!


I had the triple bundle too only I had Direct&ATT This was a nightmare too. this was 2 totally separate bills and overcharged every month by both!If you decide to cancel and Direct has your credit card or bank account # you can look for early cancellation fees of $20 per month for every month left on your contract plus usually they will tell you they did not get the boxes you send back to them,(be sure to get a tracking # from EexEx ) and try to charge for those too.Be Very Careful