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Whatever you do, do not get Direct TV. They have terrible customer service; in fact, their customer service doesn't even exist.

When signing up, we were promised a portable DVD player worth $179. We didn't receive anything. We had to call in several months later, spending hours on the phone trying to get them to send this to us. When they finally admitted that we were supposed to get this, they sent us a $20 piece of *** regular DVD player.

We then called in to complain and ask for the correct DVD player. They admitted their mistake and promised to send the correct portable DVD player within 3 months. We never received it.

We checked with them numerous times after that, having again not received what was promised. Finally, we decided that we had had enough. We called to cancel our subscription. We had to explain everything multiple times before the lady we spoke with (Brandy employee # 413220) finally understood our situation. She then said that she would make notes and this would be taken care of.

We made sure to insist on no early termination fee, since they were the ones who didn't fulfill their contract. We did everything possible to hold up our contract, but they just made it impossible.

When we received a statement saying $0 due, we were relieved to finally have this ordeal behind us. To our dismay, we discovered unauthorized charges applied to the credit card that they required to set up service. We had never used this credit card to make payments, so we were shocked and appalled to learn that they had charged not only extra months of service, but an early termination fee as well.

We, of course, had to then call in and speak with their customer service department again (or torture department, as I like to call it).

After arguing for some time, the man we were speaking to admitted that we had been promised this portable DVD player and could see that they had only sent the regular cheap one.

Being reasonable people, and just wanting this to be over, we offered to accept all the charges that they had put on our card, if they would only send the DVD player that we should have received in the first place.

I just coudn't believe it when they said the only way we would get the DVD player was to sign back up for service. Of course we weren't going to go back to them. Even if we didn't already have other service, which we had had for 2 months at this point, we would never go back to such a horrible company who lies right to your face.

When we said "no way," he told us the late fee would stand, and when we asked to speak to his supervisor, he refused. He (Jeff employee # U4043) said his supervisor said this is how it is, so we didn't need to speak to him. I can't imagine this was true, but he wouldn't transfer us, so I have no alternative but to believe it.

I am posting this as a warning to everyone out there looking for satelite TV service. After cancelling with Direct TV, we signed up with Dish Network and immediately started receiving excellent service. We pay less for more channels, and we now have DVR (it's like Tivo) for free. I'm sure Dish Network isn't perfect, but they are light years ahead of Direct TV.

I feel like I should mention that this is all happening 9 months after we originally signed up with them. And they have caused this complaint because of a minor $52. I can't believe such a large company would risk their reputation for such a small amount.

Monetary Loss: $231.

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