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I was contacted by an agent about a great deal that Direct TV was giving out that included internet and television for a very low price. Upon agreeing to the offer, I had my other provider disconnect my internet and television only to findout that the woman who contacted me had lied to me outright. I never received the internet services I was promised and ended up without internet for two weeks. Then the bill was not what I promised and I was forced to continue paying because I was threatened with a massive charge for early cancellation. Through many outages and a completely unuser friendly system, I called to let them know that I was not happy with my service and that I did not believe I should be charged for early cancellation due to this fact that everything promised to me was not met. After hours of talking to representatives I was told to send the equipment back and then around $700 was taken out of my account without me knowing and when calling about it they told me that it was because I was late on the equipment and that it would be refunded within ten days. After about two weeks later, I called again and then a different representative told me that the money was not taken out because of the equipment but instead because of my early cancellation. I cannot believe that companies like this are taking advantage of good, hardworking Americans and that it is almost impossible to fight back against them. So now I am out $700 for a service that was absolutely awful and given all kinds of different addresses to send letters to which adds to the hours and hours I have already spent on the phone trying to get this mess fixed. They did not take the time to look into the fact that I had been lied to by the sales woman and did not really care to hear my concerns because they had directly taken the money out of my account. BEWARE - DIRECT TV IS A SCANDALOUS COMPANY THAT ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY. THE SERVICE WAS AWFUL AND THE HOURS SPENT DEALING WITH THE VARIOUS CUSTOMER REPS WAS EXHAUSTING. Please take my advice and go elsewhere.


Jacob Gundrum

WI Resident

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Sales Representative.

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:) I was doing to install DirectTV but forget it.


The $700 charge is awfully high for the early cancellation fee..this should be $20 for every month left on your contract. It sounds as though they have charged for non-returned equipment also.If you have not sent back their equipment call DTV and get a shipping lable and get a tracking # from Fedex so you can prove they get the equipment.About the only thing you can do to get your money back is talk to your bank and ask if you can reverse the charges and if the charges are reversed and your money refunded you will need to change you bank account # so they cannot recharge.

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