I used my credit card to help a friend pay his bill a few monts ago,now DIRECT TV charged my credit card over $900 because he defaulted on his contract.HOW can they do that,all they will tell me it was the last card number used so thats where they took the payment from.Now they say it will take at least 10 business days to get my money back and I am stuck with the overdrafts THEY caused.HOW can they get buy with this?Is this legal? I can't afford to wait 10 days I have bills,and over $200 in overdrafts.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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I never use a credit card for purchasing on the net, unless I know the company. you can pay with direct debit from your bank, but be sure it is a once only payment. Not recuring!

The internet has become a haven for crooks.


I used my credit card to pay the bill for my sister and her account went into default and they charged my account $427.58. Direct Tv told me that if i was elgible for a refund then i would get my money back in 6-8 weeks.

I then defaulted the transaction with my bank. And now im just waiting.


Have you thought of getting all your records together and putting all your complaints on paper to the Better Business Bureau? If they get enough complaints I would think they would have to do something


Used my crdit card to get service started for a friend, and told them this was a one time use. Friend had to leave for the military, called and cancelled the service and they put a full year on my card..

It was reported immediately to my credit card company and Direct TV..It is building in interest and I refuse to pay it. Evidently they can do what ever they want to if they ever get a credit card number...I have cancelled my card..I hold Washington Mutual responsiable as well, since I reported it soon as the statement came in.


:( I had a simaler thing happen to me where i used my card and they withdrawl $ 800 from my acct They refused to send me a refund so to get my money i had to take the service to use the credit and they extended the contract for another 2 yrs come to find out with out informing me . I am just waiting for this contract to be done and than i am so done with them .


:( :(I too helped a friend and used my visa to pay for his equipment fee. I told Direct TV, that would be a one-time charge only, and they verified.

My ex-friend called them and told them he was now an authorized user on the acct and to charge the payments to my acct. On 7/30, they charged my acct $891.48, then on 7/31 another 175.00. I have been running in circles trying to get my money back, they insisted I file a police report, which I did also they requested copies of my statement, because according to them, they didn't see any payments, when they finally saw them I was told that I needed to get the receivers and send them back, and the acct isn't even in my name. When I asked them about that, their response was well your card is on file, hence it makes you responsible.

They make innocent people run around in circles, to get information and equipment back for them because they are just to *** lazy to do their own jobs. :( :(


They threatened to steal money from my checking account so I took measures to prevent that from happening.

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