Stone Mountain, Georgia
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Direct TV automatically renewed MLB baseball package for $189 for this year. Because I did not see the "warning" on my bill, they refuse to give me a credit.

I called last month, was told I would receive a full credit by Customer Service; she was overruled later by a supervisor, but I was not notified that I was not receiving the refund, based on receipt of my latest bill. They now refuse to give me any credit even though I am an "A" list customer (supposedly).

This is unacceptable and I am dropping service immediately and writing to the highest levels in the organization.

Do not use their service; cable cannot ber any worse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Well, it's been almost 3 months and nope, I'm not sorry I switched. Yes I miss Direct TV but is it the familiarity?

As for the customer rep defender - no, sorry, I was never taught to read, I'm from a 7th world country and we didn't have the alphabet there. I've been in the customer service industry my entire life (several years tech rep, last decade Hotel Management) so there is no customer rep you need to defend. It's policy that you need to defend. I will say that DTV has contacted me several times to come back on board, and I haven't even considered it.

I'm paying less for the Dish, I get all the channels I want - seriously I can't think of a single one I'm not getting that I wish I was, I don't need the golf channel, any sort of race or football channel, baby channels or shopping channels. I have 250+ channel plan and am fine with it.


:cry After 14 years I got rid of DTV; I was also on the "A" list. A windstorm thru my dish alignment off.

They told me thye could not get a tech out to my house for 30-days, too busywith new installs.

I was paying $140 a month. I now have Verizon FIOS andthey havegreat customer service.


Been a faithful DTV subscriber for over 10 years, moved a lot (military) and always took our receiver with us. Recently decided to try Dish Network as I was offered 50 bucks less a month for same package - DTV wants to charge me almost 400 bucks to cancel - they said I automatically renewed my service contract every time I moved.


This is how they show their loyalty? After 24 hours with Dish Network, I miss my DTV, but won't consider them after the disconnect fee.

Steven S

You can read right? Why would you pay a bill, an expensive bill without reading it first?

It does state on it month after month that it will renew.

But just because you can't read you are blamming DTV. Grant it the manager should have called you back but call center work is a very busy environment and they won't miss one moody customer have fun paying double with less channels.


The *** tech $%#@@#$% put *** in my floor (I have a trailer) about 12" from the wall so that anyone can trip on it. He has the nerve to tell me this is procedure. Like _ell, it is.


Couldn't agree more about Charter. Internet - yes...

cable - forget it! Had some trouble with DTV myself, but when I threatened (on the phone with the rep, supervisor standing over her shoulder) to switch to cable or DishNet, they got very cooperative very quickly.


direct tv. crooks.

we signed up for $39.00 mo. and got billed for over $200.00. I fwe move before 2 years they say over $600.00.

not user friendly and we had to hire someone to install DVR. Can't wait to get back to dish.


I don't know which cable company you might have in your area, but our cable company was "Charter" and believe me Cable can be worse! It would take more than a comment to say how inept they are in customer service.


You'll be sorry you switched.

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