Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

I am a landlord in bloomsburg pa. one of our buildings we own has 9 apartment units.

one of our tenants had direct tv installed. The tech guy that came out to install the dish and cable decided to run approx 50ft of cable line across our front yard. This front yard is a common area where all of our tenants walk. The cable line was literally coiled up across this area.

Direct tv was called by me, the landord, and asked to please secure this cable line. I was told it was now an issue between the tenant and the landlord. I let it be. A few months later i find out the tenant is getting charged $100 each time his service is interrupted due to this unsecure cable and the fact that a tech guy comes and actual views the problem but does not fix it.

Finally i got involved again because this just isn't right. We spent over 2 hrs on the phone with the company and once again, they will not fix the problem that they caused due to the installation was not initially done properly. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!! When direct tv was confronted with this attitude then, they actually hung up on me!

And it was a supervisor!!! So wrong!!! What do i do now?? How do i report this??

And to who since direct tv wont do anything??

I have also attached pictures.. Plse help....

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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Looks good to me. You should spend a little money on your front yard.

The wire is the best looking thing in the front yard. Quit being a slumlord.


Heres an idea. Seeing as how the installer negligently left it laying across a common area wouldnt it be terrible if someone tripped over it fell and hurt themselves terribly.


Just switched to direct TV last month, the installer damaged my tv, I opened a damage claim, was completely honest in say that I did not notice the damage until after the installer left, they aren't replacing my tv. I plan to call them on Monday and appeal it, my tv didn't break itself! I'm so angry over it, 50 in 3d plasma!


Hello, I'm a new to the whole DirecTv thing and I currently sell and install it from my Selinsgrove location. I would be happy to help fix this issue for you.

I definitely agree with you that this is an unacceptable job. It's a Safety hazard and complete neglect by the installer.

If there is any way you can find out who installed the system, I would be happy to assist you in making sure they come fix it for free or possibly even having their Satellite license revoked for failure to comply with standard practices. The issue isn't a reflection of DTV, it's a reflection on some lazy installer or poorly run installation.


I got an idea, your tenant had this installed make them take care of it DTV will charge $1 per foot to put the cable in the ground, let me tell you I would hang up on you too this is NOT your account and DTV owes NOTHING to you the account is between DTV and the Account holder who had permission or told the installer he had permission. and just to let you know there is not a $100 charge to have someone come out it is $49 per service call and addl charges for custom work I.E. put the cable in the ground if it is that big of a deal to you do it yourself