When I called to cancel service after 29 days I was told that I had agreed to a 2 yr contract. I did not.

The rep told me that there would be an early termination card and that it would be charged to my credit card. I was told when I signed up that the service included high speed internet. It did not.

One rep said I only had 24 hrs to cancel. Another told my son that I had until Dec. 5 to cancel. I cancelled on Dec. 3. Today another rep told my son that had only 15 days to cancel. Yet another said I had missed the deadline by 24 hrs. What???? Do any of them know what they are talking about. I never received a copy of this so called contract. The tech that installed the equipment let no receipt.

Do not get screwed over by Direct TV.

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with any contract you have 72 hours to change your mind with no consequences, after that your are in it for what you have signed for.


Yess U did, along with me and so many others. Same thing happened to me and now they auto debited my account for $438.00.

I cancelled becuz each month my bill was a different price and I was told that by getting the high definition receiver I automatically was contractually obligated for two years. WOW!! Did'nt c that one coming. I'm now waiting for the contract that I was suppose to have signed and no, the tech guy never left me one either.

Their story changed from one thing to another, first I was told that if they did not receive their equipment back in seven day there would be a charge, then to find out they cant do that because I gave them back their equipment, that changed too, "we charge your account because of early cancellation". The bank account they used was one that I had not used for some time I kept about $30.00 dollars in it. The freakin bank actually allowed it to go thru so that account is overdrawn and fees were applied!!!!!!

I'm fighting but I'm just not sure I can win this one. There needs to be some type of class action lawsuit agains DirectTv The Bastards.

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