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Well here is where the issue of "if you don't like the new TOS you have the right to switch to a different provider" I have seen multiple times in this forum. I signed up for DTV back in 09/17. At that time I was promised a choice package at $49.99/month plus free HBO for life and also added Showtime for an additional $13.99 (with the promise of a Visa gift card promotion that I never received but that's another topic). Fast forward to the new TOS beginning date. If I call and cancel my plan I am charged an early termination fee so either way I'm screwed it seems on having to pay these greed fools one way or another.

On to 04/2019 I notice on my bill that I'm now paying the $49.99 for my choice package and now an additional $30.99 for premium channels (Showtime AND HBO!). I call DTV and I am told that the HBO for life has expired, EXPIRED! Now how can something that is free FOR LIFE expire? The CSR offers me some "new" sweet plan they are currently offering that would keep my bill the same as it was before being charged for HBO and I would still receive HBO and Showtime for that price. I agree and go about my merry way happy to have that increased bill resolved. Then in 09/2019 I notice my bill has gone from around $80 a month to up over $185 this time. I didn't give much thought to it and figured I must have forgot to pay a month and that it was just a past due balance on top of my "normal" bill. I have autopay set up on my account all along so I rarely look to see what I am paying because as a previous poster mentioned, I should be able to have some faith that DTV is an honest and reliable company. 11/2019 I once again look at my bill and yet again it is up over $185 this time as well. Now I'm starting to get mad cause I know I wasn't behind again. I decided to pull up my online bill and review it. I see that from 09/2019 until now that I did not have any past due amount but that my bill increased to $142/month for my choice package and another $30.99/month for the premium channels again!

I call DTV on 12/05/2019 and speak to a woman CSR and "try" to explain to her that there is no possible way at all that my bill is that high. I informed her that I signed up for DTV on the premises that my plan would be $49.99/month with free HBO for life as long as I had my cellphone service with AT&T. Now I have never changed my cellular plan. I have been on the unlimited family plan for over 6 years now with 7 phone lines on my account plus a home line plus AT&T internet in my home. The woman argues with me and tells me that the plan I signed up for was only a promotional plan and it expired back in 09/2019 and that they do not offer HBO for life. After some back and forth with this woman and barely being able to understand a word she says to me because of whatever 3rd world country she is in she tells me she is going to transfer me to DTV escalations. Now mind you at this point I have been on the phone with her for 52 minutes (and I have screen shots of the call times of every call I made to DTV for when I seek legal action against DTV). I am placed on hold for 27 minutes 43 seconds at which time 'Jeff' picks up on the other line. Jeff begins to ask me for credit card information to charge my card for $375+ for my cellphone bill that isn't even due for another week yet. I tell 'Jeff' that I am calling to dispute my DTV bill to which he replies to me that he is in collections for AT&T wireless. 'Jeff' keeps me on the phone with him trying to get my credit card info to charge me for a bill that isn't even due yet for over 20 minutes at which put I get completely irate and insist he send me to DTV escalations. I am then transferred to another CSR woman who can barely speak a lick of English. I ask her if she is in the escalations department and of course she is not but insist she can help me resolve my billing issues. I am now 1 hour 48 minutes into my nightmare of a phone call to DTV. I once again explain my problem and I am put on hold for 11 minutes 29 seconds. The woman returns and tells me that I never qualified for the HBO for life to begin with because it only applied to customers with AT&T unlimited cellphone service. I am livid at this point and demand to be sent to escalations or speak to a supervisor. Once again I am placed on hold but this time is was only for 5 minutes 3 seconds which is amazingly fast at this point. She asks me for my phone plan security pin to pull up my account. I provide her the information and after some quiet time she states to me that I am on an old unlimited plan and that I did qualify for HBO for life but it kicked it off of my plan because I am not an "unlimited plus or extreme or godmode" whatever plan and that she would need a moment to override my monthly charge of $17.99 for my HBO. I then ask her about the previous months that I was billed for it and she tells me that she has to escalate it to some dispute department to begin to issue an account credit. FINALLY ONE OF MY ISSUES IS ADDRESSED AND SEMI-RESOLVED! I then explain to her that there is no way that my package itself is $142 a month and that is not what I signed up for or agreed to when I began my DTV service. She tells me that there is nothing she can do because the $49.99 was only a promotional deal that I no longer qualified for. The total call time was 2 hours 57 minutes 25 seconds! Now I do not have a calculator in front of me but I now have paid about $110 more per month for September, October, November, and apparently now December of 2019 since I still have to pay for a full month even though I am now at the point of canceling my DTV service and definitely on the ropes about saying *** to AT&T wireless as well since they are the parent company.

Here I am today, 12/06/2019, and I call DTV for the last time. At the automated line I state "cancel my service". Magically I am now sent to a CSR in Miami Florida who speaks perfect English, is empathetic to my concerns, and doesn't place me on hold for ungodly amounts of time. I tell this gentleman that I want to cancel my DTV (and at this point I already had Atlantic Broadband at my house and cable installed as well as their broadband internet). This guy tells me he will be glad to help me and he is sorry about the frustrations I have had since all this nonsense began. Before canceling my service he informs me about the new TOS and that I will not be prorated for my bill even though I was only 2 days into the new billing cycle. He asks me why I am cancelling my DTV and I give him the quick 2 minute version of how my bill tripled when I was promised the rate I signed up for as long as I stayed with AT&T wireless. He then proceeds to tell me that he understands and that if I changed my mind that he would be able to put my bill back to the original price I signed up for 2 years earlier. I did not accept it because at this point I am well beyond fired up and ready to choke the life out of all of the out of country CSR's and the agent who sold me my DTV service. Never in my life have I witnessed any and I mean ANY company commit the atrocities that AT&T and DTV have committed to their customers recently. If the first CSR I spoke to would have offered to revert my bill back to what it was when I signed up I would have been fine with it all and I even told her that! I was willing to forget about even trying to get my $440+ that I over paid back or credited to my bill if they would have held to their promises and fixed my issue the first call. Since I had to fight on the phone for almost 3 outrageous hours to get my free HBO for life I was promised and my freaking $49.99 plan I was promised I vowed to this guy that I would never even spit on DTV if it were on fire to save it let alone purchase their service or recommend it to anyone I know ever again and that I would be bashing DTV on my social media for the world to see my complete hatred for this company.

Now why in whatever god someone might believe in's name would it take me screaming into my phone at the automated system "cancel my service" to get someone in my home country that I can understand WHO was able to do what I was looking for all along that your Indies or whatever country they are from said they could not do? Now because of this I am actively seeking financial retribution through legal action from DTV for not only my overbilled amount but also for the multiple hours of my time I spent being on hold or transferred to wrong departments like a freaking game of hot potato because of some illiterate, under educated, slave wage paid CSR's and for the stress it caused me. Now I know I will more than likely get slack on this forum for my post and I guarantee that I will see some replies that have been repeated by some of you as a response to this as well but I really don't give 2 can probably fill in the blank on you own. I know I am nothing more than a tiny drop in the AT&T/DTV slop bucket that they leach from but because of this *** AT&T has lost a customer of many years and lost my combined $450/monthly between my cellphones and television. I would suggest to any and all of you to go to a prepaid unlimited like straight talk or Walmart family cellular for your wireless server and your local cable company i.e. Atlantic Broadband, Comcast, Cox, etc. for your television and internet needs. Not only will you avoid the *** charges and lies but 9 chances out of 10 when you have an issue you will speak to an American citizen on your first call and not when you are ready to burn down every AT&T and DTV store you see in your life. At least that is how it is in my area. God bless you all and God have mercy on the souls of you who are slaves to this companies deceptive ways like a cheating spouse!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Satellite Tv Service.

Reason of review: Everything above pretty much.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Refund for my over charged months and services that were to be free. The incentive item I was promised delivered. My last bill prorated..

Directv Pros: Very little at this point.

Directv Cons: Not honoring word, Expensve, Promises made and not kept.

  • Bundle Of Service
  • Fee Instead Of Free
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So I am the one who posted this complaint but I can't seem to log in to my account here but I want to post an update. I filed a complaint with the BBB and FCC before posting this one here.

Today, 12-9-2019, I received a phone call while I was at work from Deanna in the presidents office at AT&t. In her message she asked me to call back so that we can come to a solution that I would be happy with and accept.

I tried to call back when I got off work but she was not in the office so I left her a message to return my call. I will post an update again when I see what type of "solution" she offers me!

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