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We have had Direct tv for over 5 years and as of the last few years have not been able to successfully watch a PPV movie without going through a frustrating circus of phone calls and lengthy explanations. We don't have a land line phone so we have to order our PPV movies online.

The last few movies we've ordered online and by text have been blocked by a "call us to order" screen in front of the count down and ultimately the movie if not addressed. This month's bill is presenting us with two $5 fees for calling in on our last movie. I called to have my fees waived for having to call to watch, not even order, a movie. The rep on the phone told me we'd agreed to the fees when we called and they were not going to be waived.

I explained the situation and he spoke over me and told me to order another way. Again...I didn't ever "ORDER" over the phone, we were calling to watch the movie we'd ordered online. He continued to talk over me and I asked him to look through our records to see that we've had to call each time to watch the movie we'd previously ordered and the fee's have never been applied. He instructed me that he would waive the fee but would place a note on my account that no fees were to be credited in the future on my account.

He basically called me a liar and that he would make it difficult for me to do business with any other rep there in the future. Huh. Customer service I think not! No "thank you for your business" or "I'm sorry for your needing to call today".

Nope. Just called a liar. I told him I didn't appreciate being called a liar and that I'd likely not order another movie through Direct TV based on my conversation with him today. I also told him that when I'm given the opportunity to switch my TV provider, I'm going to take it because I was so insulted by his not listening and lack of empathy for the situation.

I mean it.

Most insulted Direct TV customer. KPJO

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