Over 9 months ago I had to cancel our service contract with Directv. During the 9 months time we did not receive a final bill, a letter nor a courtesy call from Directv that we had an unpaid balance and if we did not take care of the unpaid balance of $45.00 we would be sent to a collection agency and be reported to the credit agencies.

However, recently we received numerous calls throughout the day from a collections agency to our new home telephone number. I would answer the phone and they would hang up. Finally I got a hold of someone to be informed they were collecting a unpaid debt and that we were reported to the credit agencies. I asked for a copy of a bill reflecting the amount we owed and the dates.

I was told they would not send a copy. I therefore, contacted Directv's corporate office inquiring about the balance due and if they would send me a copy of the bill. They too, said "it was owed and that they could not send a copy". I also asked why it was necessary to send us to a collection agency when you had all of our current information and our address for the last 9 months.

The response was, "we don't call or send a letter".

So now we owe for a bill that we cannot get a copy of, our great credit has a bad mark and calls from a collection agency that is rude to you. Thanks Directv.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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