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You took all my channels away from me and I do not approve of it because a show I want to see is going to be on Nickelodeon and I don't even get that channels thanks to you.So if I were you I would put it back on there or I will have to sue.And I'm a teen and I watch BET,MTV and MTV2. So put them back on now.not later NOW.You are trying to ruin my life...and I don't like that.I have nothing to watch now,Except for the news...and I'm a teen and I don't like the news.

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We pay for service with channels we like, Direct tv can't give us said channels and in my book they are out of contract. The sevice rep tells me they give 99% of the channels, I told him no-one watch's 98% of them, just the ones our family watch.

I will be looking into a class action suit....Stay tuned! :(


I recently left U-Verse because they have no respect for the consumer. Now I have a company that does not respect children or consumers.

I paid and signed a contract. I expect them to honor it or void it without penalty.

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