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In July I canceled DirecTV and in August I received a bill stating that owed zero. Three days later I received an email stating that I was Past Due.

They claim I had unpaid PayPerView movies from a year ago and stated they would sent me a bill reflecting this. I never received a bill from them, but a week later I sent them a check for the amount due. DirecTV did not wait for me to send payment and without my knowledge or permission, they charged the debit/credit card on file for the amount due. They refuse to remove my debit card information from their records and I cannot change it online.

Once you give them your credit/debit card information, there is nothing stopping them from applying charges even if you are disputing those charges. DO NOT GIVE DIRECTV YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD INFORMATION!

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DIRECTV requires customers to maintain current credit or debit card information on file at all times. Please refer to section 5(e) of our Customer Agreement for full details about this requirement.

Our web site allows you to view the last four digits of the credit card we have on file, so that you can review and update it at any time. Though we cannot remove your credit card information from our web site, you may update this information to a different card at any time by:

•Sign into your account on

•Select "My Account Info" from the Quick Links

•You will see your billing information •Click on "Change" under "Credit Card" •Enter your new card information •Click the "Update" button to save your changes


So cancel the check. What's the problem?


DirectTV demands a credit card or debit card and checks to make sure it is active before they install service and this is done for the reason of their applying any future charges they see fit.Reader88..stated she/he was to be sent a bill but DTV did not give her a chance to pay before they charged the card on file.This is typical for DTV and the amount sent in will probably not be refunded.Reader88, you are also right by saying they keep the card on file and there is no guarantee that by disputing the charges they will not be applied again if found in their favor.The only thing you can do is to Close the account they have on file for you,and even with that my cc told me they can reapply the charges if they want to. DTV often comes up with bogus charges of ppv movies form years past to place on your credit/debit card knowing you cannot prove otherwise.


THIS is to READER88.What you are stating about removing your CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ONLINE IS NOT TRUE.I have changed CREDIT CARD'S ONLINE SEVERAL TIMES.And also DIRECTV does not have to wait for you to mail any payment's to them this is why they use a CREDIT CARD in the first place.This site is for legit complaint's not BS.WTF


You are missing the point! There were no outstanding charges - they had been paid in full and had sent me a bill reflecting this - that is why I was Questioning the past due notice.

When I spoke to them they did not tell me not to pay because they had already charged my debit/credit card. I sent them payment (am still waiting for the bill with the mystery charges) and now they have been paid twice.


When you have DirecTV you also have an agreement/contract for service that authorizes DirecTV to retain any credit cards that you may use on file. So, you do agree to this and agree that they may charge any outstanding charges in the event that you disconnect service.

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