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I am sick of the constant preaching thru banners on the screen etc. about their negotions for content. I don't care - just take care of it!!!! I'm not in the meetings with viacom etc...

And today I see I just lost several stations - HOOORAY! I am SO cancelling with them for non-performance. What a joke. And with so many options today you'd think they would be ADDING content, not taking it away......

And they try to make it look like they are trying to not RAISE our bill - RAISE it? I will be pro-rating it to a lower payment for the stations lost.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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I tried cancelling my service because direct tv said my bill would only be $65 a month instead its $85 every month and they constantly try to say my bill is late, they send me my bill 11 days early and try to tell me I have outstanding balance of $85 dollars it never fails always the same thing every month, they simply want to charge me for late fees, what a bunch of A**holes, as well as liars, they also tried telling me they are going to pro-rate me, so I simply asked what the bill average is for someone with the package I use, customer service stated she didn't know she doesn't deal with that type of billing so I asked if she could put through to anyone who could do that she said she didn't know who does that so of course I became angry and started yelling obviously no one wants to be charged for things we didn't use or fees that don't apply to us, so after getting done yelling at this customer rep she finally states that it won't run me anywhere near $100 bucks, oh yeah we'll see I recorded that conversation hopefully she was being honest because if not, Direct tv will soon have a lawsuit on its hands like they have never seen before.


As much as we shouldn't have to be involved in DirecTV's channel/ program negotiations, we are as we are the ones paying for the service and the ones who suddenly lose channels because of DirecTV's ineptness to deal. I am sick and tired of the continous threats to threats to remove channels/ programs that I like, not to mention the inconvenience of losing them be it permanent or temporary, and of course paying for all of the above regardless of availability.

If DirecTV wants to raise anything, they should start from within as in customer service skills and ability to maintain contract promises for services provided.

I am ready to terminate this relationship particularly after flipping on the tube this morning and finding more than just several stations missing, the ones my little ones like to wake up with.

P0'd in Ohio


They should have just raised out bill the $30 and not told us at all. { $30 being the average bill is $100}

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