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I have been considering switching from cable to satellite for a year or more and was finally caught by one of Direct TV's BAIT and SWITCH bundle campaigns that they use with Century Link. I called and ordered HD satellite receivers with basic programming for three rooms and internet phone to be bundled.

I was quoted $106.00/month of which approximately $56.00 would be for the DirectTV. Since this was about $40.00 a month less that Cox I was intrigued even though it was $50.00 MORE than the advertised bundle that I called about originally. I am in in advertising sales so I am very aware of specials and temporary "offers" so I repeated the offer to the salesperson as I wrote it down which was three months free movie channels and a rebate of $33.00 that I need to enter before my first bill.

The installation went through fine I entered my rebate and I get my first bill-NO rebate AND I am being charged an additional $45.00 for the movie channels.

I called customer service and was LIED to yet again and told to get online and I would see credits(I would have loved to get online but it had been over a week and I still didn't have internet from Century Link but THAT'S another horror story).I got online at work the next day, no credits but reached a lovely rep named RIA who was able to reinsert my rebate and cancel out the movie charges. She told me that my bill would direct debit from my account in two weeks and HOPEFULLY the credits would be there-$78.00 worth. Guess what? Bill debits, the $45.00 credits my account the SAME day AFTER the bill debits so I have a $45.00 credit on my account.

(I have NO IDEA when I will see the $33.00 credit). This company had TWO WEEKS to credit this account, and amazingly, they manage it just AFTER they debit my bank account for the full WRONG amount! People don't deal with this company. Anyone who lies from the beginning in sales, lies in customer service and then has SHADY billing practices (worse than a bank!) isn't worth it.

I'm stuck with them for two years but you can be sure I will be leaving them once my contract is over!!!

Review about: Directv Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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