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DirecTV gets away with all sorts of shenanigans because consumers worry about their credit score taking a hit. You have more power than you think.

DirecTV charged my credit card $440 saying I broke the 2-yr contract. I told them they never established acceptable service even after a 'repair.' I tried to work out a solution with them, but all I got were canned answers about their policy. I was certain I had never even seen the 2-yr contract, much less signed one.

After way too much back and forth, I was told the first part of the contract was in the installation email confirmation (huh?). How could that be binding when I never saw it and I sure didn't sign anything? They told me the second part of the contract was on the form the installation guy held out for me and said 'sign here,' you know like I was acknowledging his installation. Ethical business practice??

Let me try to shorten this saga. Because DirecTV charged my Visa $440, I complained in writing to Visa, BBB, Federal Trade Commission, and my state attorney general. Visa reversed the charges. DirecTV sent me to collections. I contacted an attorney that the AG recommended. When he learned I had documentation of my attempts to work with DirecTV, he basically told me I didn't need his services and that I was golden.

He told me to make copies of all communication and mail it to DirecTV certified, signature required. Tell them I had received counsel to take such action and that I wasn't going to pay them. Write the collections agency they sent me to as a result of the Visa reversed charges directing them to cease and desist because the charges were in dispute. He also told me to check my credit reports to determine if DirecTV had reported anything negative. If they had, I was to dispute it on the website. He said in order for DirecTV to get any payment from me, they would have to take me to court and that it was highly unlikely they would do so or that any judge would rule in their favor.

Bottom line: I never heard from the collection agency again. There were no hits on my credit reports. And I never heard from DirecTV again. I think you could get by with less hassle than I had. Deal with your credit card issuer and document every communication with DirecTV. Keep an eye on your credit reports, and tell any collections agency to cease and desist. It sure worked for me.

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I had this problem also and I agree with everything you said I got my money back by doing basically what you did but there is one thing you must be made aware of and that is your credit card at the end of its dispute investigation can and just may place the charges right back on your card. So be aware of this and know you may have to close your credit card account.I had American Express and I was pretty sure they were going to find in DirectTV's favor.



It's good to read a story about a consumer who stood up for their rights when they were being tread upon by a large corporate entity.

I was once considering becoming a DirecTV subscriber, but after seeing hundreds of complaints against them all over the internet, I decided against it. I wonder if DirecTV realizes how much business they are losing out on due to their bad behavior?

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