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I was in Sams Club shopping a guy came up to me and ask if I would try Direct TV I said yes the guy set up the appointment and the guy came out

He said everything is set up . He left the first month I was changed 10

/18 $34.54 at the end of that month the bill was paid $71.71 paid on 10.31 for Nov then I called to ask why is everything on my TV in Spanish they told me because I order a Spanish speaking program I said that's not true I don't speak Spanish they said we will take that off .

Then a bill came said I have payments to come out of my account auto pay I informed them I never ask for that take that off. Then I get a bill for $282.91 I called they said because I made changes to my TV I told them I never made changes they put the program in Spanish so I told the guy I will go back to my other Cable ,You guys are trying to bill me for something I don't even have I mailed everything back over at UPS and you guys got it. I don't have ATT Direct TV and I am still being billed I don't need this on my credit.

My account # is 29996**** They are crazy if they think I am going to pay for something I didn't do . Look at my bill I will never go with ATT for anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Stop trying to charge me for something I didn't do.Take off that billing I don't have your TV or Cell Phone service it was dumb.Total bill is 357.36 and I dont even have Direct TV..

DIRECTV Pros: Should have better customer service.

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