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1 yr. ago I ordered a 2 yr.

special with Direct and ATT. Choice pkg. with wirless internet for $89 mo. Direct came out first, then ATT.

I was told I wouldnt be able to get wireless. After arguing with Direct, thay finally gave me my pkg. For $89, but failed to say it was only for 1 yr. I have now went to Select pkg.

that gives me local channels for $89 plus equip. fees. My point is I should have gotten Choice plus wireless for $89 for 2 yrs. Now I have a crummy pkg.

with no wireless and paying $111 monthly. Will not Direct again.

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I complained several times about the new format. I even wrote my newspaper column about it.

In the end, they are updating my equipment to one that gives me 500 hours.

Even I will not fill that up to the place that stuff gets deleted without my ok. Call and demand they do this for you.


I along with many others hate the new format., if your not within 5 feet of the screen you can't read the fine print font. And trying to get to recorded shows is more steps than the old system.

About time to go back dish . Contract up in 6 mo.


I cannot read the new guide. Not a happy customer!




The new format sucks. Takes forever for channel to change and the font on the guide is took small.I hate it.


Agree new format sucks! Whoever did this should be fired!


Same complaint as everyone else here. Also, watching a program and tv screen goes black , comes on, goes black again...this is crazy . Called customer service, was told new settings have to be done, did that over the phone with them, worked for an hour and now it's doing this again...thought it was our tv....what a rip and they don't care !!!!!


I need help. I hate direct tv new programming.

I’m am trying to catch up on some recorded programs I have. It shows like 4 unwatched recordings but I can’t get to the oldest to watch in order. Can anyone help me. This new format is so hard to read and navigate.

Direct my be losing a customer soon. I hate this!


Your format sucks. I want the old one back.


My husband and I HATE HATE HATE your new format. Thought we might get used to it.

We haven’tWho did this and why?

Has to be to for Direct TV’s advantage. For sure it wasn’t to benefit your customers.


Absolutely dis-satisfied with Directs new format. Deleted a show just watched n they all deleted.

Changing their format with no explanation on how "how to use" it.

Give us a friendly explanation on "how to use".Or we are done with DIRECT! 3-25-2018

to Gloria Mortimore #1453591

I had the same problem on deleting a program I watched. It deleted all of the ones I haven't watched.


They seem to be able to just change without saying anything. They changed my pkg and now I get less for more!

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