While recently watching televion a majority of my favorite shows are showing commercials to the effect that DirectTv will no longer be carrying the networks that my fave shows are on. That infuriates me.

I have no other options in the boonies where I live and literally all the shows I love are on these networks, Fox,Fx, Nbc and the list goes on and on...I am PISSED. If this happens I WILL cancel and sign up with Netflix or just watch my shows for free and save my family a couple of hundred dollars a MONTH.

These are standard channels and everyone I know is saying the same thing. If you drop these channels we will DROP YOU.

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I have been a loyal customer and have told other people how good Direct TV is. But, if you cancel Khou, Fx, and the other channels I will definitely cancel my service you with you.

I watch KHOU nightly and would be so disappointed to not be able to see my regular show. I Also have liked Direct TV but will not hesitate to change services. If these channels are cancelled, will our monthly fee be reduced? I doubt it.

Did y'all start working for the government?

The people are getting ripped off every which way they turn. I hate to see Direct Tv do the same thing.


This is the same *** Dish pulled last year.When I dropped them & Direct said they had no problem with News Corp. Now these greedy bastards are pulling the same thing!

Lets see if you still have your 50 million cust. if you drop these networks. You use half of them to suck us in to your higher$$ deals! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

Everyone contact your state A.G. & file a complaint!


The corporation that owns those channels is trying to raise it's rates and charge DirecTV an extra 40% and expects DirecTV to pass the cost on to their subscribers. It will be in negotiations for awhile and then the channels will come back, if they leave at all.

DISH and the cable provider here in Corpus Christi, TX are notsogreat, so IMO, it's worth waiting for the bigwigs to duke it out and NOT raise my rates.

I WILL miss American Horror Story, tho. One of my new faves!


When I signed up for Direct TV over 3 years ago, part of what we are paying for with the package we agreed to IS the FX and FOX channels, take these away and we will find a provider who will carry these networks! We no longer a contract to keep you and are free to change and WILL!

Cal Metzger & Kim Schreiner


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