Yukon, Oklahoma

if you drop channel 11(CBS)......I will be dropping you I am so fed up with Directv with you raising prices and threating to drop the most popular channels and now channel 11 where the TEXANS play and most of the number one shows are. This is like a scam on your part and a lot, lot,lot, lot,lot,lot,lot,lot.lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot,lot of greed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've gotten the notice to listen to some guy tell me they might have to drop certain channels--it's just a matter of money, I'm thinking--DTV wants to charge a LOT and give you minimal service, so. . .I'm just waiting out the remaining months on my contract so I can get my cable back!


only two things come out of Texas! Something tells me your not a steer.As for the Texans,dont sweat it,their going to choke anyway!Go milk your cow!


DTV never threatens to take channels. They pay a price just like we do. Business is business.


Ever hear of the word NEGOTIATION? *** I called about the same thing and u know what its business..then again im sure u don't understand big words do u?


thanks for wasting my time