I can't believe there is a possibility Direct TV will drop American Idol, Fox news, etc. If this occurs I will most likely drop them!

doesn't make sense...Are they going to ask for more $$ from customers if they want to retain these shows? The date that was posted last night regarding the possible dropping of these shows was this weekend 3/31(?) I think... which means it will be right in the middle of American Idol showcase.... Is DirectTV in financial trouble?

What lame brain individual would even consider this? They are certainly not doing this company any favors!

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I have haddirect tv for 6 to7 years but now i've lost fox 59 you can kiss me goodbye


They dropped WGN I am very upset, just called them and and chewed them out.

I am thinking about canceling them even though I would have to pay a penalty.


Please do not drop WGN news america. And certianly not channel 39.


If anyone watches C-Span 1 or 2, you would see how the corporations get away with this. This normally is shown in the wee hours of the morning when most everyone's asleep.

It's always the same thing (no matter which corporation), a hard luck story about how expensive it is to serve their customers, the need for these changes to stay competitive, they will go out of business, etc., knowing all the time any of these changes & charges will be passed on to their customers & wont cost them one penny. Direct TV does have a clause in their contract stating channels are subject to be changed at any time without notice. What better time to change them when the most popular channels can be swapped to another package? If you want to keep the programming you like, you will have to buy "extra" program packages from them.

(They never "swap" the 100 or more garbage channels nobody wants to see on). Been watching this happen in Congress for 20 years & never have seen it fail yet, including Big Oil, Energy Corporations, Nuclear Power--the list goes on & on. Think they all memorize the same book I've heard it so much. Welcome to good ole American greed folks, & lest we forget "Corporations are people too".

Remember? It's also known as Corporate Welfare.


If direct tv drops FOX I will be dropping you guys, sorry but that is the way it is. Thanks

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