Portland, Oregon

we are pleased with direct TV but very upset if you eliminate NBC channnels we will have to go to another TV service if your negotiation does not go through with NBC. We want resolution now!

NbC is including our local TV service including news and you are eliminating an essential service for many customers.

Please consider your customers and the prices that we pay for this programming and stations and any other affiliatted stations with NBC.

There are many people in our our area who has Direct TV and do not want to go to Comcast and other satellite companies. Thank you.

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I am very upset about hearing that Direct is going to drop NBC. I will be dropping DIRECT TV if this happens.


Please do not remove NBC from DirecTV. If it was ABC which shows only *** shows I wouldn't care, but NBC has some very important programming and we would be lost without their news and primtime


do not quit showing nbc or any of the local channels