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If you drop comedy central and mtv we will no longer be your costumers were canceling our service with you the second they go off air. Your service is already *** and you already have bearly anything entertaining to watch.

shows like tosh.o and jersey shore or south park are the only shows we dvr and without those channel we will have no need to continue paying you our hard earned cash.

So, just something to think about; if you don't mind losing all those customers then feel free to drop the channels. I'm sure you'll make lots of profit from your horrible decisions.

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I am glad Directv isn't showing these Viacom junk channels. MTV, MTV2, Nickelodeon. Who cares, they are for kids and people that have no life and live in a fantasy world called reality tv.

As far as any other channel they dropped, I don't watch them, don't need them and won't miss them.

Hope they never come back to be honest.


Well they drop the channels they do not care about us just about the money.


Getting tired of the messages running across the kid's channel when my kids are trying to watch it. If my bill goes up or they drop these channels then I will drop them, nice not having a contract.


The channelsthat you want to drop are the only ones I watch so I will have to change providers if you drop them. Please don't.


I've been a directv customer for 14 years and the day the channels are taken away will be my last as a customer of yours. I already pay too much for your services and I've just compared your prices and current channels to Dish Network-that's how angry I am. If you drop the channels, I know you won't make any changes in the charges we pay.

So cancel the viacom channels if you want, but you'll lose another reliable customer!


if they do drop these channels they WILL let me out of my 2 year contract. I HATE directv and would never recommend anyone to try it


Stop threatening to take channels away! Stop running the messages on the kids channels ! Just give an update and Don't Raise your already high prices for programing!


i read viacoms blog, they blame direct tv and here direct tv blames viacom. contract for 7 yrs at a low price has expired for a " bundle" of programming channels.

viacom wants more money, direct tv doesnt want to pay. idk but customers are the ones who are going to pay for it. either a higher direct tv bill for the same channels or having to purchase "ala carte" with viacom.

we dont have a say as customers. so its a waiting game.

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