Tampa, Florida

I signed up for Direct TV based on the channels promised to me and the price. Now, suddenly, at 10 min until midnight last night, July 10, 2012, all Viacom channels are off Direct TV.

Breach of contract and very bad customer relations! Will cancel satellite b/ c I'm not getting my benefit of the bargain. Who gets to collect money on a contract, then change it in the middle without notification and continue to charge the same amount? They have replaced Comedy Central with Mix TV!?

That's not what I contracted for! All channels are not equal. I watched CC because I was entertained. This new one is just a *** filler!

I'll go online and see what The Daily Show and The Colbert Report say about this! And cancel Direct TV!

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I agree that my monthly bill is ridiculous in price because we are

watching reruns anyways. So selfish on both parties to do such a thing to the custimers that make both companies billions of dollars. Change your programming with new shows not reruns.


If the problem is not remedied soon, I will cancel Direct Tv and order DISH network. As it is, my monthy bill to Direct Tv is ridiculous.

There are 3 stations lost today that I watch. If they are not brought back, expect my cancellation.