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I was told my monthly bill would be 49.99, that I had 2 mos to cancel, that I'd only be charged 4.99 for 2 receivers since I "bought" the HD DVR, that my first mos bill would be $82, but each bill after that for 12 mos would be 49.99 +~ $10 for 2 receivers.

My first mos bill, which I discovered less than 24 hrs after installation, was $98.50. When I called, I was told my next 12 bills would be ~ $76 - and that they had "no record" of my being told what I was told and no idea who "sold" me the "package", which they had "no record of."

When I told them to cancel my service and get their equipment out of my house, they said "too late, you have to cancel within 24 hours". I said "what about the two mos.. what about everything I was PROMISED.." They said they were "sorry, you were misinformed".

They are unscrupulous and this has to be illegal. Class Action needs to be brought for fraud. They have my debit card number.. I feel I have no way to protect myself from them.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

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Dej, Cluj, Romania #24662

You can call your bank and have any charge reversed as an "unauthorized charge". That's what I did after DTV secretly re-activated my account 10 months after I cancelled my service.

They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. But your bank will reverse the charge if you ask them to. That's the beauty of credit cards. Just explain that DTV scammed you. My bank told me DTV does this to people all the time.

A word to the wise, DTV will send you to the CBE group. which is a collection agency right after your reverse the charges. Which opens up a new batch of problems that can be dealt with.

Under the federal fair credit reporting act, you can dispute anything on your credit report, the 3 credit bureaus which are TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax they must PROVE what they are reporting about you is correct or delete the entry.

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