I can't wait until my contract with DTV is up! If they think I'm going to renew, they had better think again!

The satellite signal is constantly being lost and, of course, it always happens while you are watching something you really want to see.

Weather is not a factor - it can be a bright, sunny day without a cloud in the sky and the screen will go out. And they want me to PAY to have someone look at the problem!!!

I will never recommend this company to anyone and plan on steering as many people away from them as I can.

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we've had the same problem with a lot of our HD channels. Not a cloud in the sky and we get a message about searching for signal.

we too were told by the CS department that a service call was required which was 49.95 or we could get a service package for 12 months and 5.99 a month. why should i pay for service for a box i'm leasing????


Must be your area - I never lose a signal even in bad weather - Was a TIME WARNER CABLEcustemer for last 10 yrs now that sucks a whole lot more then DTV - Cable you pay an ungodly rate for ***!!

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