Augusta, Georgia

DirecTV debited $212.93 dollars from my Charge Card for DTV* DIRECTV HARDWARE. They told me they needed a credit card to open the account.

The serviceman came to my home and said there were too many trees in my yard and I did not have a place for the sattelite. (hence no hardware) I happened to be going over my statements and seen that I was never credited back the 212.93 I was charged.

I called their accounting dept. and the rep said I was not in their system. I wonder how many folks this has happened to? Check your statements. I am in the process of getting this resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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I got debited for 34.58 dollars for the same thing, DTV* DIRECT TV HARDWARE, I ordered DirectTV through CenturyLink, called both CenturyLink and DirectTV but they all said it was not showed up in their systems, and non of them took responsibility for this. I am calling my credit card company right now to see if they can do anything.


OMG the same exact thing happen to first it was we are not facing south.well we live next to a highway so i know for a fact we are facing south once i pointed it out he said that there would have to be a charge to get it working, i said no to the charge [DT told me there would be no charge for installation] he then said that there is too many trees! and now i call because the refund is not gone through and there is no account matching on file. and they have a hold on the charge so i cant dispute it or anything.


We just loaned our son what was supposed to be 21.00 to have cable hooked up they took 525.65 out of our account without authorization.

I will contact the better business bureau on this an suggest you do the same


Always check with your financial institution 1st because we all know banks never make mistakes or act in an unethical manner. Any AIG customers want to chime in?