I saw an ad on TV and thought that it had better service than Cable One.

Called and they sent a representative out to my house to install the service.

The service man asked me to sign the delivery of the receivers and never did he mention a contract or cancellation charges.

After 3 days I called and told them I was unhappy for various reasons and they told me they would send me a box to send the items back. (Nor then did they mention charges either). I did receive the boxes and put them back with UPS the next day after receiving the boxes.

5 Days latter I was charged $500 for early termination papers that was taken out of my checking account which caused my mortgage and other items to overdraw. I asked for the contract on file that they told me I supposedly signed and Ivy ID #166689 told me the account was closed and could not send me one.

After crying and having a anxiety attack I started talking to others about this and found that Direct TV has done this many times.

Now I'm on a hunt with my sister who also was unhappy with their service to inform everyone about the terrible service that was conducted on every aspect of customer service. Beginning with the Gulfport location on through upper supervisors within customer service.

Never once I informed of any cancellation charges or contracts that I am allegedly responsible for. I want all my money and fees back in my account. But not 14 days latter for this has been a severe inconvenience.

Today is July 20th.

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