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I’ve been attempting to connect to DirecTv to send an email to customer service. I’ve been going in circles! UGH! Here is what I am trying to send them...

“I have not been able to connect online to my DirecTv account since AT&T merged. When I have called for help I cannot always understand the strong accent of the customer service person. I still cannot connect.

In 2015 I found out we had the NFL package added. Since we didn’t watch sports channels we were not not aware. I called to remove it but was told I was too late. That is not right! I feel you owe that money back.

Then my husband left me, and left me with the bills. My income is now only $985 /mo! I need to buy food. But since he became my ex, I can no longer afford DTV or anything else. So I need to cancel my subscription. “

I am trying to contact DTV to pay my bill, and cancel my service, online but not able to connect. This is too much stress! I need help!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Website.

Reason of review: Website.

Preferred solution: I want my final bill forgiven $157.22 + any extra fees. Also I would like the NFL SUNDAY Ticket refunded. Then I need to cancel my service. .

Directv Pros: Watching tv.

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The INFO text Is ridiculously small. I have taken out a magnifying glass to read it.

Is this customer CARE? I could read the former text fine from across the room.

My husband called DirectTV about the “new format” of everything and was told “sorry that’s the way it is.” Yet we keep getting deluged by DirectTV sign up offers whenever we walk into some stores and junk mail. How to KEEP customers?: fix this kind of stuff!!!


May 2018---I cant read new format for guide or listings---does DTV test before converting to new and improved. The info text is so small I have to get within 3 feet of the set, I could read "old' format from 20 feet.CHANGE BACK TO OLD FORMAT TEXT IS TOO SMALL!!!!

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