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Direct TV Lies, Cheats and Steals!!!

Lie #1. The basic package includes FSTV, LINK and UCTV. Jude made the sales rep go check with her supervisor that this was true. A few minutes later she told Jude, "Yes, all three of those channels are included in your package." They had a conversation about the receiver and how many watts it took so the sales rep knew which receiver we were getting.

Truth#1. There is no UCTV at all in any package and the only way to get FSTV is if we upgrade to the HD box for $10 extra per month.

Lie #2. When Lie #1 was discovered, Jude spent several hours on the phone and in order to keep our business she was given a free HD box and promised we would not be charged the $10 per month for the box.

Truth #2. When the bill came and we were charged an extra $10 for the HD service, Jude called again and spent another hour on the phone and found out that now that it is too late to back out of the deal they are going to charge us for the HD service even though they said they wouldn't. Too bad, so sad we have to pay this for 2 years.

Lie #3. As a promotion they were going to give us STARS for 3 months for free. We don't like stars. The movies are *** so Jude asked if we could swap HBO for STARS and they said "Sure, no problem". They made the swap right then while the TV was on and we were to get free HBO for 3 months.

Truth #3. When the bill came, we were charged $15.99 for HBO. When Jude got transferred to the Pay Stations department and they could see the notation that used the word swap, they told her "no that can't happen and you have to pay". So Jude had them cancel it, hope they do.

Lie #4. When they wanted to know Jude's bank account number to set up the account, they promised her it was for qualifying purposes only.

Truth #4. Then guess what? Surprise!!!!! They hit her account twice, nearly over drafting her account before she caught it.

Moral of the story, DON'T SWITCH TO DIRECT TV, THEY LIE AND STEAL!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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Sounds as though you now know somewhat how DTV operates but they have many more tricks up their sleeves.For any future upgrades to your equipment due to failure or whatever reason, automatically adds another 2 yrs to your contract. good idea to use a prepaid card for their "qualifying purposes"

and do not give them any account#.Correspond with DTV via Email,this gives you proof of what is said.Early termination fees are $20 for each month left on cantract+ equipment fees and movies that magically show up on the unit whether or not you ordered them. Always get tracking # before sending back equipment.Do tell everyone you know NOT to deal with DTV.